TBAY Brandon Partners
Swim Lessons

Swim lesson instruction is conveniently provided at the River Hills Country Club pool in Valrico, FL and the Starling Club pool  at FishHawk. These facilities offer a relaxed and comfortable environment for both parent and swimmer, facilitating a positive learning experience. At River Hills; private and semi-private lessons are available year-round and group lessons available during Spring and Summer. At the Starling Club; private, semi-private, and group lessons are available during Summer.

Our instructors believe that swimming is a fun and healthy activity that truly can have a lifetime of benefits. Their goal is to help both young and adult swimmers improve to help them maximize their enjoyment and benefits from swimming.

Private lessons may be scheduled for those children that desire or require additional one-on-one instruction.

Semi-Private lesson may be scheduled for two (2) or three (3) children to take lessons together but desire or require more instructor interaction and attention typical in a group lesson setting. This option is perfect for siblings or friends with similar abilities.

NOTE: You can request Private or Semi-Private lessons directly with an Instructor by emailing tbaybrandoncoach@gmail.com

Lower level group lesson classes are normally limited to a maximum of five (5) students per instructor. Higher level group classes are limited to a maximum of six (6) students per instructor. We believe that smaller class size provides more direct interaction with the instructor and lessens distractions that may diminish the quality of the learning by the student. 

Click on the Lessons Levels tab for information regarding the progression of instruction levels.